Friday, June 23, 2006

The Sake of the Baby

I wrote this is June of 1994. A year and half later I was married - and a year after that our son Brodie was born. When I was rifling through some odds and ends, I found this poem again. I still stand by it!

You simply can not have a baby
For the sake of them at all
Because they don't exist
Until the day that they are born.
Up until that point,
The reason is just for you
As if the function of procreation
Is just something else to do.

You could have one because the in laws
Were pressuring you of late
Or was it just that you required
An heir to your estate?
Now your hollow marriage
Has become precariously complete
With a single act of unity
The pitter patter of little feet

Parental pride takes over
And the reasons seem to change
Except everyone will judge your baby
As your own achievement gauge
In light of this you fill your child
With all your own opinions
Replacing love of kin
With many paranoid dominions

Now it's on the rocks
But you agreed to postpone divorce
Just in case your offspring
Might suffer from your remorse
But you did nothing for the child's sake
Throughout this selfish story
What started for the family
Was just for your own glory.

It is a mistake for those people
Who believe the act of breeding
Confirms their future destiny
And not just self ego feeding
Perhaps a fury pet would do
To fulfil your family plan
Too many people have a baby
Just because they can.

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12 Squared said...

I wasn't so well planned or thought as it seems you were. My Alex is 17 now, and I'm not yet 35, so it's easy maths, really.

I'd agree that it is not in the creation of the future that I have procreated but instead in the interest of making sure that SOMEONE is here after me who is able to think, to feel and to be strong in himself.

the truly worst thing is that I really wont know for some time whether I've been successful in raising a son who is able to be a man, free thinking and acting and who is responsible, reasonable and capable but not such a confident prat that I want to knock him out. In the US they are not done with school until aged 18, at the same time they are considered adults.

it's my experience that he wont really be an adult until he's considerably older, likely closer to 30 than 20. I know this because I've become an adult while he has been growing from babe to pretty upstanding man, really.

we'll see... I like your poetry style, reminds me of your mother's a bit, which is lovely. his is nothing like mine at all. there is hope for the world yet. :)