Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump (and friends)

Let me start with a letter to DT.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I'd like to thank you for making the early part of the US presidency election race a reasonably interesting media distraction. Thanks for giving many of us lots of things to talk about for a short time. 

I'd also like to thank you for showing us the critical amount of stupidity that seemingly exists across the US. Before you came along, I had only the comments section in YouTube Justin Bieber videos as a gauge. Just so you know, reading the 'bottom half' of the internet certainly works at exposing the levels of stupidity - but it just didn't give me an accurate head count of the amount of people involved. Now I can see very clearly - in fact the figures are even neatly divided by US state. Very helpful. 

So yes, thank you for this useful service. I do have one question though which remains as an enigma: who put you up to this? I mean, I know you're real. I know you are not having to pretend to be who you are.

It’s not really nice or helpful having people telling you what you are, so I’m a little bit sorry in advance - but I also know it’s a language you’re comfortable with, and I’m in a hurry - so, for the record, here’s what you are:

  • You’re a really simple person. You’re probably quite nice and perhaps a little vulnerable underneath the veneer
  • You got lucky in business. I’m not sure that you’re really that skilled in anything here. Just bravado and luck
  • You are a pathological egotist. You make a lot of noise and it all has to be about you. You probably have some woundings from your past to account for this.
  • You don’t actually care about much. I think this helps as a great coping mechanism.

Here’s what you’re not:

  • You’re not a liar. You just say things and are not too fussed about corroboration or being honourable generally
  • You’re not dangerous. This will all just melt away soon
  • You’re not presidential material. But hey, you’re having fun

This campaign trail is great excitement for you - perhaps even the best time of your whole life - but, back on the ground, and amidst the actual realities of global affairs and real politics, it's clear that someone has put you here. You might of course not even know who they are.

I’m British and I live in Scotland.  I have very little contact with the USA. I know next to nothing about you or politics generally. This would normally of course mean that I’m not really fit to comment. But that’s the beauty of the internet…. anyone can say stuff! And, by the way, in case this upsets you, I should point out that you’re not remotely qualified to run for president and look how far you’ve got - perhaps the whole world has gone topsy turvy.

Perhaps it takes someone like me to tell it how it is.

So thank you for all that you’ve done…. even though there is a negative side to exposing a large amount of Americans and their apparent issues with an understanding of what a politician actually needs in terms of policies and the skills to execute them. 


A non American / non-voter.

So anyway, I did ten minutes research before writing this today. Here’s what I learned:

The elections aren’t until 8th November - That is months away from now. Here in the UK we are being bombarded by the actions of Trump along with the other fabricated nominees. I’m sure by contrast, in the States the American people are generally equally glued to their TV screens for nine solid months prior to any British election!

That was actually a joke just there - I know you Americans probably couldn’t even name three of our leading politicians or have even noticed our last general election. Perhaps British politics is not very important on the world stage. At least compared to America. Actually, and I’m just asking this in passing as I wonder it…. why is American politics so hugely important internationally when Americans themselves are often so insular? Why does our UK media ask us to care so much about you?

Let’s look at the strengths and international involvement of the US: Obviously banking is a very powerful presence and it’s bound to grease a lot of wheels. But it also seems to be based on an utterly staggering national debt, outsourcing nearly everything underpinned by the temporary structure of the outmoded burning of fossil fuels and just otherwise trading using a yardstick of fickle blind market confidence. This worries me a little in terms of substance and viable longevity. Hey, I can’t say it’s that different to our own banking structures and reputation though.

So other than banking and some related hostile interventions in the middle east and a few other places, America really doesn’t perhaps deserve the amount of attention it’s getting. I suppose, since Donald Trump is interesting, this must go some way to paving the way the media is currently responding. So again, thanks Donald for that. No really - it’s better than much of the other depressing world news.

Sorry, I did digress a little there, I was saying that the elections aren’t until November. So what do we know so far? - Well the candidates are parading - and so we get to see them and decide who’s best. Here’s what we have on the table currently and how suitable they are (NB These are the top 3 as represented to us in March 2016) :

Hilary Clinton. On hearing her talk about Palestinians I’m seeing someone here who is very dangerous. If she doesn’t have the balls and the diplomacy to discuss things in a measured way at this early stage then I fear for the people versus her allegiances - she’s not a diplomat or a pacifier, she’s out for her own amongst her own. It’s a shame but there it is. Amazing how much she reminds me of Margaret Thatcher. Our first and only female prime minister here in the UK. She too was a hardcore right winger with a killer instinct and an overt level of pride. I actually think having a woman in charge is probably for the best all round and generally since women are normally so perceptive and controlled when in positions of power. So why do we only have this one to choose from? And why is she such a badass bigot? She may as well be a man.

Ted Cruz. This seems like a bit of a mistake to me to even consider this man. How come he doesn’t have an environmental policy for climate change? It’s inconceivable that in a world that values hard evidence and scientific research, we have a man upholding the shortsighted ‘bugger the world’ rhetoric. How can people like this get so far up the chain? I am dumbfounded.

Bernie Sanders. He seems ideal until you see the way the voting public work. People probably consider him too radical and left wing to vote for. How can someone with real values who knocks rich people and capitalism make it to the Whitehouse? - Actually of course, Bernie is saying what everyone else says in the bar at night…. The 1% super-rich people have stolen everything. He’s even honest about his lack of Christian faith….. I mean rather than pretending to be Christian which is what everyone else does. Bernie is probably the best choice all round - but he runs aground based on general electability and the probability alone that his honest and older and wiser appearance seems to work against those who would rather go for a younger warmonger. Then of course there’s the age old politician trap of where he stands on abortion. Sigh. These people really like to use ridiculous yardsticks. Abortion is an important and charged topic, I’m not going to dumb it down for any reason….. it’s contentious wherever you go, but that is exactly why politicians are so continually led down this path. It’s a damned if you do / don’t trick. I really don’t think it’s a frontline topic for presidential candidacy. It’s sad, but Bernie is 'pro-choice' so that automatically means millions of votes lost just because of a personal opinion that actually, in the real world, wouldn't alter anything regarding the current US abortion programme if he became president.

The primary things a president should be doing (rather than constantly debating the rights and wrongs of abortion) are surely:

  1. Peacekeeping / international diplomacy
  2. Human rights protection at home and abroad
  3. Managing the national debt / economy / employment and the spread of wealth
  4. Healthcare at home
  5. Sustainability at home and abroad
  6. Climate change
  7. Education. Boy do some Americans need some help here!

So if Bernie is not going to make it, and the rest are totally inappropriate, where does that leave America today?

My guess is that all four candidates mentioned in this blog thus far are actually part of some media conspiracy.

I don’t mean Illuminati / Ike’s flesh eating lizards  or 'Wag the Dog' type control paranoia exactly. I mean that, if the election were a meal served up to the public, then it’s as if someone somewhere is feeding the media and therefore us with a brand of starter course that will soon be cleared away. It’s filling us up and making so much noise right now, it is enabling the real main course candidates to wait quietly in the kitchen. By the summer we’ll all be tired of Trump and all the other wannabes and this will be the time when this main course, a knight in shining armour will appear on the mountain top…. sorry I realise I’m mixing my metaphors here! - anyway, he will appear and everyone will panic vote for him when they realise that the former options on the menu were all unappealing now that he’s arrived.

If this happens…. will it have been planned that way? - Is everyone being manipulated with this Trump (et al) sideshow? Trump himself is SO ridiculous I can’t possibly see how else he could have got this far. Is this all managed by a person / people with money and power that have a media manipulation skill? Hmmmm.

The utterly frightening part of this is the horror that Trump, Clinton or Cruz actually make it into the West Wing. Right now, I can’t see it…. Obviously I’m an only partially educated British onlooker (but perhaps sometimes the distance helps to see things clearer?). Let me finish…. and with a card playing metaphor this time… I think that America is in serious trouble right now….. but the Trump card is surely just another joker in the pack along with the others…. I'm not clever, but I suspect that this game has aces up its sleeve - probably waiting to be dealt in an unexpected way and with careful timing.

And if someone’s playing us from a distance, doesn't that make you feel a little controlled? The farce that is the current race for president just feels like a deliberate dumbing down to me and it's more than a little worrying - someone somewhere knows how to play the long game, will we see him (or even her) shine through at the eleventh hour? That's my presidential prediction. Watch this space!

Edit - 24/04/17

Well he made it. Sheesh!

I noticed three things reading this back today - firstly, I was wrong in my prediction, secondly nobody really reads my stuff anyway and finally I seem to habitually take too long to say stuff.

I nearly just deleted the post... but it's not costing me anything to leave it here - and I wonder sometimes if there might be a point to something I say from time to time...

Glad I'm not a writer for a living. I'd be very hungry for one thing.

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