Saturday, May 13, 2006

I love the idea of blogging. I want to do it all the time. I'm creative. I have so much to say. You'd be interested. No really. Your life would be enriched. I'd love to read other peoples too. It'd make a difference to life. Blogs are the salve to an aching world. Right now I could tell you so much stuff. Soon. Really soon. Time slips through my hands like grains of golden sand. How few, yet how they slip through my fingers to the deep - Here's a test card. normal service will resume once someone throws my wasted corpse into a pine box!

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12 Squared said...

dont you hate not knowing what you'd like to say and knowing that it's not going to be heard. I've read out of order now, so I'll say it here, I have also a huge number of journals which I seemed more interested in sharing than keeping secret. :)

I'm glad I found you, lets see if it's all much ado about nothing in the end. I've sent your link to the now almost infamous Corbin that reads and comments on my thoughts, speaks to me hours and hours on the phone and has much in common with eeyore at times. :)