Friday, June 23, 2006

I can't show you this...

I knocked this up as an idea for what some people call "guerrilla" tactics. I sent it to my lawyer to see if he thought we could use it anywhere. He said "Well my copyright department like it. They printed it and put it on the wall - other than that though, I can't really see where else you'd use it." In the end we resorted to a "normal" ad.

I met Beyonce the other day.... well, anyway I stood on the same stage as her... I should have asked her permission then really. I have to say, the moment didn't quite feel right to bring it up under the circumstances.

You know she has a guy to hold her water? What's really cool about Beyonce and her water bearer is that HE decides when she's thirsty. He just sits at the side of the stage, then every now and then he wanders over with her water bottle. Amazing. Not sure how long you have to train before you can spot dehydration from 50 paces. I was certainly impressed! In his other hand he has a towel which he uses to dab her forehead gently while she swigs. Oh to be famous!

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12 Squared said...

goes back to freedoms again, sorry I'd read out of order.

to be famous, and have someone else deicide where I would go, when I should go and how I should go about it all... and to have them to wipe the water I've lost in the pursuit of my fame for me after determining when I should drink more.

give me a quiet day, and a good book publishing contract so that I am only really public property at a few book signings a year for a bunch of folks as geeky and easy to be around as I am. :)

and no one telling me when to drink.

yet, to be famous. *sigh* would like that, I think.